Frequently asked Questions

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Do you heat your honey? If so, to what temperature is it heated?
To guarantee the integrity of our honey and keep naturally occurring goodness, we slowly and gently warm straight-from-the-hive honey to the minimum temperature necessary to make it the right consistency to pour into the bottle. Learn more
Do you test your honey? Does it contain corn/rice syrup adulteration or pesticides?
Nature Nate’s industry-leading testing practices ensure you are getting the purest, highest quality honey available. We invest in best practices to guarantee you receive 100% pure honey every time. To learn more about our testing partners and certifications, please visit:
Does local honey help with allergies?
We’ve heard from other honey lovers that raw honey helps when allergy season hits. Because our honey is unfiltered, pollens from a bee’s honey travels can make it in your bottle of honey.
Where is the honey from?
We partner with trusted Australian beekeepers who provide the straight-from-the-hive quality honey.
What is the source (vegetation) of the honey?
Our products are a blend of Eucalyptus honey.
Why should I buy Nature Nate’s honey instead of my local farmer’s market?
We’re big proponents of supporting the local beekeepers who are an integral part of maintaining a world where bees are healthy and love of honey is spread. Nature Nate’s is committed to making the same farmer’s market, high-quality honey available to everyone in their local grocery stores!
Is honey better for me than processed sugar?
Honey is ready-to-eat straight from the hive, as natural as a sweetener can be – no processing necessary! Not only is it produced naturally, without the interference of human hands, honey’s chemical structure is more easily broken down digestively than its processed alternatives. This means no sugar high or crash! Learn more about our real honey here.
How does honey compare to agave, stevia, etc.?
The greatest difference between raw, unfiltered honey and agave, stevia, and other processed sweeteners is that honey is a natural sweetener. Real honey stands out, thanks to its essential nutrients, antioxidants, enzymes and pure, unadulterated goodness. Nature Nate’s honey is simply warmed and lightly strained before being bottled, so good stuff remains.
Do you supplement with sugar to feed the bees in the winter?
We source our honey from top-tier beekeepers and test our honey to make sure that its always 100% pure and unadulterated. For more expert information on what bees eat in the winter, we recommend reaching out to your local beekeeping association.
Do you feed the bees? If so, what?
We work with a trusted network of beekeepers and test our honey both externally through third-party laboratories and internally through our certified QA team to make sure Nature Nate’s is always 100% pure and unadulterated. For more expert information on what bees eat, we recommend visiting or reaching out to your local beekeeping association.
What are you doing to help the bees?
Nature Nate’s prioritises bee health. We partner with responsible beekeepers who uphold our quality standards, and we conduct testing to ensure that the bees have not been exposed to harmful antibiotics or crops with the most commonly used pesticides or herbicides.

We also developed lesson plans to help students better understand the amazingness of bees and honey. To download our lesson plans, please click on printable in our resources section at

Is the honey non-GMO?
According to nations and states with defined rules for what food contains traceable GMOs, all 100% honey is non-GMO because it’s produced by bees, not man. The few governing bodies that have defined what foods could contain enough GMOs to warrant labeling have excluded honey because it’s not possible for a significant amount of GMOs to be traced in honey since honey is not a plant and there are no genetically engineered honey bees.
My honey is hard. What does this mean?
Honey in its hardened, or crystalized, state is simply raw honey going back to its natural form. Crystalized honey is 100% safe to eat and can easily and safely be returned to a liquid state. Learn more about crystallization here.
Where are you located?
Our local address is 24 Westside Drive Laverton North VIC 3026 Australia.
Do you have a retail store?
At this time we do not have a retail store, or sell our products through the website. For more information on where to buy our products, click on the “Where to Buy” button at the top right hand side of the page.
What can I pair honey with?
Honey is great for more than just tea, check out this handy article on 8 foods to pair honey with.
Does your company have any giveback programs?
We are proud to say that Nature Nate’s is a company built with grow to give in mind. Which means the more money we make, the more causes we fund. For more information on our Honey Gives Hope program and the causes we support, click here.
Do you sell any swag?
Yes we do! All of our swag raises money for a cause, for more information on the current swag available and causes promoted check out our post here.
How do I become a brand ambassador?
Our brand ambassadors come from customers who engage often with the brand. This means that they have signed up to receive our emails, engage with our website content, and are up-to-date with what’s going on at Nature Nate’s. Users who meet these parameters are invited to apply for our program. For the time being, sign up for our emails, follow us on social media and check out our blog often in order to become qualified for the next round of invites.