From the Farm:

Keeping Spirits Up When You’re Sick

Pick-me-up ideas for when cold and flu season has you down!

It happened. Despite all the immune-boosting things you did, you caught a cold or worse yet the flu. We’ve all been there–on the couch with twelve glasses of various beverages and a box of tissues. Spending multiple days in bed or on the couch can often take a toll on your spirit.

When you’re down for the count, it’s important to find ways to keep your spirit up even if your body doesn’t feel great. These four pick-me-up ideas will infuse your sick days with a little positivity and comfort.

Binging Old TV Shows and Movies

When you’re cozied up on the couch waiting to feel better, play a season of one of your favourite old TV shows or a few of your favourite old movies. Re-watching shows and movies can be so comforting and bring back great memories. Plus, it’s no big deal if you snooze through them! You can get the rest your body needs and still know what’s happening on screen even as you go in and out of sleep. Get your lineup ready and cuddle up for some nostalgic viewing.

Organizing Pictures

After exhausting phone apps, we all seem to start scrolling through our photo library. Being stuck on the couch while you’re sick is a great time to go through those thousands of photos you have on your phone. You can get organized while also remembering happier times when you weren’t feeling down.

Sort your pictures into various albums, whether it’s of a special trip, the kids, pets or just a random collage of favourite memories. Order a photobook online while you’re at it!

Bask in Bath Time

Even if you’ve come down with the sniffles, you can still make your body feel a little better with some spa time. Draw yourself a bath, drop in your favourite bath bomb or essential oils and bask away!

You can also pamper your worn out bod by trying a natural, at-home facemask or footbath. With natural ingredients from your kitchen, you can create some spa treatments without having to leave the house!

Ask for Something Special

For some of us, it’s hard to ask for what we need without feeling a tinge of guilt or like a burden. But usually, the people who love you want to help you whenever and however they can–just like you want to help them feel better when they’re down!

Knowing what makes you feel better and asking for it can help keep your spirits up and also allows your loved ones to lend a helping hand (even if they, unfortunately, can’t take away your cold). Maybe flowers add some cheer or soup warms you up. Ask for someone to bring you hot tea and honey or a sweet treat like a yummy dessert and a honey packet. Don’t hesitate to ask for whatever makes you feel better!

When you’re sick, don’t forget to keep your spirits up! Rely on loved ones, and find things to do to pick yourself up even when you’re down.

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