From the Farm:


Trust. It’s why we put the utmost level of care into every bottle. It’s why we source only the best, 100% pure honey and why we commit to having industry-leading testing. Trust is why we have a consistent blend that produces exceptional taste and award-winning flavor. At Nature Nate’s Honey Co., we owe it to you to be trusted, so you can confidently enjoy honey as nature intended.

Trust is why we are evolving our brand in 2021. With the same high-quality honey in our bottle, we want to serve you better with a refreshed label on our bottle that clearly communicates what we stand for: purity & taste.

From the outside, this rebrand may seem to be just a new logo and label, but within Nature Nate’s, the rebrand communicates the thought and care of every action we take.

We consider the impact of even the small, daily decisions in earning your trust. Our top priority is quality honey, but it continues well beyond that, making sure every label is straight and no bottles are sticky. It extends through the sharing authentic messages of who we are, why we do what we do, and how we can help your family live healthier lives.

And we are only able to be the most trusted honey company, because of the people behind the bright orange label. The hard work and dedication of each Nature Nate’s team member is the reason we always have an exceptional product that deserves trust.

We’re grateful for your continued support of our honey company and are excited to celebrate an evolution of the Nature Nate’s brand with you.

– Nate